Teen Gay sex story – an act of revenge by my cousin

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Teen Gay sex story

Hi I am Furqan, I am 19 years old and what I am going to tell you its whole truth. My parents were very strict and they didn’t let me go out very much. I was like a house prisoner. School, home, studies and some TV that was my life I was tired of it.

The story began when my grandma (she lives in a village) wished to see us. My father decided that we will go there and spend two or three days but I had test to attend right next day I informed them about it so they told me to drop it.

I was good at studies but this test was very important for me. They decided to go, taking my younger brother along with them. Before going my mother told my aunt (who live next door to us. ) to take care of me. I was alone for two days.

At the night when I was watching TV the door bell rang I opened the door and my cousin Tariq was standing there (my aunt sent him to see that I am O.K.) He was about 19 years at that time. He entered in the house and asked me what I was doing I told him that I was watching TV then he asked for the remote control and started channel surfing then he tuned a channel ( a mid-east channel. ) I told him that we can not comprehend the language so why we have to watch this channel then he replied “Thori daer chup rahega”. After a while another program started about 11:00 o’clock.

At the beginning of the program the characters started kissing and touching, I wasn’t used to all this so I tried to change the channel but he told me ” Tum ab mard ho bade ho gaye ho, tum ko sub kuch dekhney ka haq hay”. This program aroused him and I was feeling some of the heat. Then he closed all the windows and opened his zip showing me his huge dick and said ” Mera lund to tu ne dekh lya ab apna dikha”.

I was terrified with the situation and denied then he came closer and and opened my `shalwar` and stroked my dick and it grew larger then he said ” Chal thora maza kartain hain, to mera chose me tera chos ta hoon” soon we were in `69` position. It was my first time and I started enjoying it then he licked my ass hole and insurted his tongue then he inserted his finger lubricated with oil, after which he lubricated his cock with oil. I asked him what he was doing he replied “Buhat maza aay ga bus jo kehta hoon wo kar.”Then he asked me to stand like a dog that’s what I did and he stood behind me and told me not to scream I didn’t realized what was going on ( at that time.) but I liked everything but when he slowly entered his cock of about 6 inches in my ass hole . I could not bear the pain asked him to take out and he did and said ” Jab pora gus jaya ga to maza aay ga ” but I wasn’t going to accept his dick at any cost. He wore his cloths and left the house I told him to stay but he left.
I was thinking about what I have been gone through and suddenly there was a knock on the door, I don’t know why but I was expecting Tariq and there he was, he entered the house and said we will do it but we will do it manually he had a video cassette which he played on the VCR, I was shocked, it was a XXX movie (First time when I saw an adult movie.) we were soon very hot he came closer and removed my whole clothes and told me to do same. Then kissed me on the lips and placed his lips almost all over my body. I started co-operating and all of a sudden the doorbell rang, I was shivering with the fear of being caught, Tariq walked to the door without fear (& without clothes.) And opened the door after seeing through the door scope, it was Shahid, my cousin’s best friend. He came inside and said “Tum loog to bare mazay loot rahey hoo aur mujhy davat bi nhi di.” Tariq said to him “you are always welcome”, then Shahid said to me “Furqan tum to bare chickney ho abi tuk aik lund bhi nhi khaya hai”. Tariq replied him” Khaya nehi to kya, chakha to hai”. After that Tariq started kissing him and undid his cloths and invited me to join them I rapidly join them. Our tongues were exploring each other’s mouth. Then we lay on the floor sidewise that my dick was in Tariq’s mouth, Tariq’s dick in Shahid’s mouth and Shahid’s dicks in my mouth, forming a love triangle.
Then Tariq lubricated his finger with oil started finger fuck me a while I was having the taste of Shahid’s cock. (5 inches long & 1.5 inches wide.) After that they told me lay down on floor back wise & open my legs. I did so then Shahid lubricated his dick and slowly penetrated in my asshole. I felt the pain but soon I was enjoying this pumping. Tariq put his cock in my mouth after 10 or 12 minutes Shahid came in my asshole, I asked the reason that why he stopped and Tariq said ” Iske manee choot gaye hai ab me tujh ko chodo ga ab tak to teri gar khul chucki ho gi”.

Then he entered his dick my ass but I felt more fun instead of pain but he also came after minute or two. Then I asked them to let me ride them but they said you are too young to fuck. We tuned in the movie I watched & learned after some time both of them were in heat and they tried to fuck me again but this time I knew what to do so I asked them to let me fuck them first they agreed. I sucked & licked Shahid’s ass (I choose him b/c he was the first to fuck Me.) and ordered Tariq to lick my ass dry. After that I applied some oil on my cock and Shahids asshole and made him a doggie who was sucking Tariq’s cock. I slowly penetrated my dick in his asshole. (aah! My first fuck.) It was like something that I can not describe. But I soon exploded my first cum in his ass. After which I denied them to give my ass, so they fucked each other and went away. I cleaned every thing to hide the truth. (What we have been gone through.)
Next day Tariq came to me and asked that if I had fun, I said yes then he said want do it again I said yes. He again asked me that if he can call his friend Shahid, I agreed to that one too and he went to call him and when he came he was not alone there were three other guys with him including Shahid. I was terrified but Tariq told me to relax all of them are friends. They removed their clothes mine as well. They were licking & sucking my body like hungry sex hounds. It was a long day for me I was fucked countless times (many times without my will.) By four guys and one of them had a huge cock of about 8 inches long & 3 inches wide. One of them said “Aaj to iske garn hi phar dani hai .” then I realized that it was a act of revenge by my cousin & Shahid b/c I didn’t let them fuck me twice. At the end I was covered with sticky cum and my ass was dripping and trembling with pain. I cleaned up everything and took a shower thinking that I was fucked (Raped) by my own cousin & his friends the worse thing that they didn’t let me fuck them. I wasn’t able to walk correctly for two days thank God my parents returned the forth day and didn’t notice anything. That was my first experience and after that I didn’t have any sex with male or a female (actually I didn’t have any chances with any female) After three months we left that disgusting area and shifted to another place.


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