Indian Gay male story – Becoming a flawless homo

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Indian Gay male story – Becoming a flawless homo

I am Pravin, doing my MBA at Bangalore. I am a Malaya. I was the only son of my parents. That’s why they gave me all the freedom. I was very nervous kind, shy to mingle with girls, even boys of my age. I am not a gay or a homo sexual addict.

But at the blood rush age of eighties I was exposed to read some erotic books. The stories describes about men having sex with other men. I was shocked, same time oversexed when I read those, my masturbation produced rich fluid after reading each stories.

Truly says, I was wishing to experience the lust once. It gave me so much pleasure thinking some one pulls muscular cheeks of my smooth buttocks apart, making my small, pink slit vulnerable to his revelry. I was having restless nights.

Slowly those stories started to persuade my attitude towards people. My interest in girls sex overruled by my character. My eyes began flew to the unexplored areas first, when I talk to some one. I started to download homosexual stories and movies from internet,

spending hours at night I started chatting to some gays. I even some time writes small stories, and after masturbation a tear them. I was fearful about my progress, I was horrid to think that I am becoming a flawless homo.

I started to find some gadgets which I used to pierce in side my asshole to find the forbidden passion. Some times it is the handle of a painting brush, some times carrot, some times candles and bananas.

I found more enjoys when I wet them with my precum and then the movements become more smooth. Then it became habitual when I masturbates. I was not bothered about the consequences. It was on summer vacation.

It was the occasion of my uncle’s marriage ceremony. As our home got more place and ease for such occasions everyone decided to conduct it in our house. It was a massive party as it lasted three days of party. I was happy and exited.

It was around 11 at night the party was not yet over everybody was busy with there topics. Music was enriching the night. I was exhausted with the over day work and was too eager to get bed. I has to wake up early next day(Wedding day).

I was to find some place to lie my head as all rooms were filled with ladies and children. I preferred to sleep on the terrace. I took one carpet and pillow from my room said goodnight to all I went top. Terrace was very tidy even carpet was not required, I settled in a suitable place.

It was a warm night, and good moon light was there. I lie down closed my eyes, hard music was echoing over my ears. But sleep was not ready to hug me, as my thoughts drew to my uncles first night. My reflections flied here and there.

I was getting sweaty, I decided to unhook my shirt buttons. I opened two of them, separated my legs tucked my lungi slightly over my knee. I was thinking of removing my brief, but decided not. I was used to sleep without undergarments.

As the time elapsed I started sleeping as I was very tired. The outside noise reduced, but music was still on. It was dawning, around 6 am I wake up. Sun was rising and a soft light was on. I was lie loll. I was wondered and same time confused what had happened.

My shirt was fully opened, my breast was grown and nipples were wet and erected. I find my lungi unfolded, As I tried support myself on my hands, I found some jelly white fluid filled inside my navel button. I swiped it with my finger, it was seminal fluid.

I was not sure what happened that night. I suddenly drew my hands over my cock. But it was not at all wet. I inspected my whole body and I found the cum over my cheeks and between my thighs. I was embarrassed, and disturbed.

I was breathing heavily, gagged thinking what to do. I tucked my buttons and walked down, ran to the bathroom. I necked my self, when I drew my hands over the butt, I felt the wet semen. I saw the dark red finger prints over my white thighs.

I washed my whole body, I was sure that some body seduced me over that night during my deep sleep, I make sure that he does not used my asshole. He unhooked my shirt, squeezed my breast and made them bigger, sucked my tits, pushed his cock inside my mouth,removing my lungi he fucked my thighs and at the end he sprayed his hot abandoned cum over my belly button. But still I did not get a blink of it. The wetness over my tits by his saliva revealed that it occurred instants before I wake up.

May be the hotness of the cum that wake me up or he tried to dump in my ass. I was very eager to find him, and I was very angry over him. Even at church at the wedding time my mind was on it.

Thinking and thinking my mind slowly started to force me, forced me to like him, like him who spend his lust over me. My mindset changed so much that, ” why I had so deep sleep, I missed the whole game”. I was angry about myself.

The thing I wished to have so long, when it came, I was unknown. This night also dinner was there for my uncle’s colleagues and friends from abroad ( he is working at Dubai). I was getting restless as the time progresses. May be the guy will not come today.

If he is a distant relative or friend he will not be present today as the party is not for them. Around ten I decided to sleep. I went to my room and for my surprise there was no one. I closed the door and switched off the lights.

I was still in the doubt, whether go up to the terrace or to sleep here. I lie down imagining so much that I was not able to control my desires. Finally I determined to go up. I changed my dress, wore lungi and a yellow T- shirt. I took the carpet and pillow with a bed sheet.

But when I went up stairs, I found some guys talking each other. I hide down, tried to listen to them. But they were discussing something very serious. I returned to my room and waited for a while. About 11 : 45 when I went over the terrace, it was deserted.

I was a little happy, and I settled down to the place yesterday. I was not at all sure that he is gonna come again. The heat was on, and I was melting in the baniyan. Sky was not much clear, there are some dark clouds and small thunders.

The humidity level shows, a drizzle may occur. I lie down facing the ground and waited patiently, expecting him to come and burn my ass. A small wind was passing over my body, shattering the leaves of the rubber tree surrounded the house.

I stunned a while as I opened my eyes with a quick breath, the cold fingers brushed my bare waist. All in a hurry I was excited and hunger. A surge of joy spread over me when his his finger touched my thighs beneath my lungi. I kept silent ant still as I was sleeping.

He slowly mounted the lungi over my butt. My cock was already stiff and my heart was burning. He managed to tuck up the lungi over my waist. Now his fingers started squashing my beautiful buttock. My rump was getting sultry on his hands.

He was having a pen torch and with that he light my face, checking whether I am awake or not. But watching his greed I was not sure that even if I an awaken he will do the same. He pulled fingers over the elastic of my underwear and slowly pulled down.

I tried to see his face but it was not clear in the moon light as the cloud surrounded us. I was trying to move and he suddenly draw his hand from my nets. I lie down side wise keeping one leg straight and the other bent. He make sure my movements.

As stopped he spread his hand over my naked buttock. ” Oh my god, what a hell butt” I heard his murmur, and I was on remembering the voice. It was matured, suppressed and unknown. His hand continued to spread the joy over my body as bottom was trashing on his hand.

I was getting even hot and sweaty. He was a magician as he knew all tricks to entertain, as a feel his erected cock brushing my naked hip. I was getting horny. He tried to pull down my brief further, suddenly he pulled out his hand. I felt his hand feathering over my erected cock.

He under stood that I was not sleeping. As from my policy he felt that I too was seeking it. For some seconds nothing had happened. After a bit he placed his hand over my hip again and removed my lungi. I was still unmoving.

He slowly rotated me and now I was facing him, and gradually removed my brief. He separated my legs apart and my erected cock was stood up like a shaft. I feel big weight as he lie over me partially. He was stark naked as his chest hair brushed my hand.

“You are not sleeping ??!!”, ” you don’t wanna sleep ???”. I kept silence on his asks. I slowly opened my eyes, his face was exactly over my face. His hands were supported on the carpet, in a hurry he kissed my lips. It was hard for me,

but for him he was sucking my soft and thick red lips. His kiss was so hard that I was not even moved a bit, was unable to breath. He was pushing his tongue over my lips as he was eager to dig it in. I did no opened my mouth.

But his tongue thrashed my lips so hard that I was forced to open my gob for a second. Quickly he pulled his tongue inside my gob and lick my tongue. I was great and fruity. ” Did you like it!! ?? …. ” yaah ” finally I replied with gasp.

As he moved his lips from mine ” Who are you…” I checked. His answer was leer. I gagged a while not sure to let a stranger to crash my butt or not. ” It is gonna be smooth, hot and pleasant.. You will enjoy the ride for sure!!. On the thunder light I saw his flash.

He was around 34, white, fat and having hair all over the body. His cock was very long and thick like I saw in the videos, surrounded by dark hair. I was becoming bolder & I too, having become so hot and horny, started caressing his cheeks and shoulders & my hands started roaming

here and there all over his body & feeling the curves and mounds through his body hair. I told him that I had been waiting all along to have such an ‘encounter’ with someone. My wish was fulfilling & we started passionately kissing each other on the lips, cheeks, neck.

He squeezed my bosom over the baniyan and I was having pain. Quickly he folded my baniyan over my belly button. He licked over the fluff surrounding my deep round navel. ” Oh your navel is too hot and round like girls” he muttered.

“Its your abysmal navel button that draw me to you” he explained. I was eager to know how he saw my bare stomach and I asked him curiously. His legs was between my thighs, my erected cock was thrashing on his belly. He moved his hands through my baniyan.

When it reached my teats. It was palmful and he gently fondled them both. I was getting abashed and was wriggling in ecstasy. ” yesterday morning I saw you in your room when you were changing your dress, only wearing a brief, a white one.

I at the time fall in you when I saw your beautiful sexy navel hole” saying this he quickly licked over my navel, oh it was really hot. His one act stimulated my suppressed feelings, and I moaned a second. ” I was so excited on you that I started observing you”.

He was looking on my face passionately with a smile. The constant thunders gave enough light over us. He continued ” You were different, as I observed, you too were interested in men”. I tried to oppose it but his celestial talk interrupted.

“I saw you leering over others sacred places” he silenced me with those words. ” Did you have sex in your life ?? !!”. He smiled on my answer ” NO, never “. ” would you like to have one, with us !!??”. My yes converted in a bunch of doubts.” Us ???..” I asked.

“I mean with me, sex with me !!!” he corrected his words with pant. ” with pleasure” I replay. My permission let him rush over me. His feet was pressing mine. He sucked my lips with immense hunger. I started enjoying him and was waving in succession.

Blood started to rush over my body to my lips as he caressed them between his tooth. His sweaty smell was pushing inside my nose. His stiff long cock was fighting with mine. He slowdown his thirst to suck up my lips as I pushed his to stop,as my lips was getting numb and pain. ” Do it.. Do it quickly, I can’t hold my lust” I shouted. ” oh you are great ” he replied with a leer smile. ” you have to wait, let me enjoy you” he replied. “Let us sit on that table”. ” Okay” I said.

There was a strong but small and short table near the chimney. It was placed there by my uncle’s friends to have there drinks. The was some disposable glasses and a beer bottle on that table. He quickly removed them down to the table. We sat down over it.

He made me lie over it and slowly placed his left hand over my stomach. He supported his right hand on the chimney wall and started sucking my nipples. He kissed all over my boobs, my hands were rushing over his thick hair.

Now he slowly fondled over my boobs slowly grabbed in his hand. It was getting bigger and projected out, my nipples begin to ramp on his mouth. ” Oh you sexy boy … I’m gonna chew your breast juice ” he muttered in ecstasy. ” you are making my boobs grow.

Please leave them alone ” I begged him. His cock was making my stomach wet. Suddenly he left my boobs, his next choice was my holy navel. Without saying anything settled over my waist. Bent his knees and supported on the table. I was no were to move.

My cock was touching his swollen balls. He hold his cock on his palm and slowly pulled down the skin. Oh god it was too much big and the head was red, shining in the lightning. Now he started to hit my navel with his hardcore.

He placed it over my navel and gently pushed with his hand. My navel was round and deep, but his cock was never gonna pierce in. He did that two three times, I was getting itching all over my stomach. My cock was brushing his butt hard.

He managed to fit his cock tip over my navel curves. ” Oh, Oh, Oh ” he pushed his hip three times and moaned. It did not entered, but I was getting enjoyment. ” You like it ….???! He checked me.” great” I replay.

It will be greater if you pinch mine in your gob “he was teaching me the greatest lusty lessons. I gagged a while and shook my head. I sat supporting myself on the table he stood in front of me. His long penis was pointing to my mouth. ” please touch mine” he said.

I never had touched one’s cock before and I was on it. I took it in my right palm tightly hold my fingers over it. It was hard with juicy skin, With so much ribs all over it. His balls were big and surrounded by thick dark hair. ” Move my skin up and down and wait for my precum” he said.

I slowly started ho move his cock skin up and down. It was harder and much bigger than mine. At the time he surprisingly grabbed my cock and pinched in his hard palm. ” Oh it’s wet” he said. He started to squeeze my balls, and I was in heaven.

My hand moved more faster over his cock. ” Stop stop, it will cum.. Ok let taste my juice” he suggested and took his cock to my mouth. Its head was wet with pre cum. I hold my hand on bottom of his cock. He eagerly pushed his cock in my mouth.

Because of the precum it slipped inside so quickly. He supported on of his hand over my boob and fondled gently. He was moving his waist slowly and his gig cock was mumming in my lips. “move it.. Move..” he moaned. I tasted the cum in my life it was sour and juicy.

Moved his cock inside slowly, continuously. His cock ribs was rubbing my lips breezed with precum. I sucked his cock tip. It was soft and yummy. He brushed his cock all over my cheeks, lips and I was eager ti swallow in my mouth. I did not let him to pull out his cock from my gob.

I licked its tips with my tongue from the balls I draw my tongue gradually up. My tongue was jerking his cock wains over the hair. It reached his cock tip again and I sucked it once. I rolled his cock skin to and fro several times with my hand,

while its spire was dancing in my tongue which I pulled out from my gob earlier. “Oh.. Ohh yes, You are good,.. So good ” he was very much pleased with my job. It hand was still squeezing my small teats. I was totally out of mind. Don’t even bothered what was going outside.

Now he sat on the table and sat down supported my legs on the ground. I took it in my hand again. Licked from bottom to top the mouthed it. I kissed all over it. I sucked up his pouch, while he was moaning. I shook it in my hand for some time, it was very smooth job to do.

His hands rolled over my shoulder to my head. My breath stopped a while when he jerked my head once hard. The cock in my mouth entered in so much that I was shocked a while. It all most touched my throat. ” Let us lie over the table” he told me, as I stopped my blow job.

He took my carpet and placed over the table. We decided to lie sidewise in the 69 position. I was happy to continue my job as swallowed his cock in my mouth. It was moving so smooth in the cum, my lips feel great over its ribs.

He was also facing my cock. It was not that much long but was thick. I was having light fluffs over my penis to the navel. As he started to suck my prick, I was getting an unknown pleasure and passion, I was energized in my job, wishing this night never gonna end.


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