Gay habit is a sin or boon

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I am going to write how I became a Gay. How I got introduced to this gay world. Sometimes we would have thought that having this habit is a great sin, we even would have thought that gay habit is a sin or boon but guys compare to steeling, raping & killing someone brutally gay habit is not a bad one. But still having fun with a guy who is already a gay is a normal thing but due to sexual desires if you seduce an innocent straight guy & convert him into gay is a very bad thing. This is what has happened to me in my life, when I was studying 11th std I don’t even know the meaning for the word gay, then how I got into this world so deeply- let’s see now.

I was studying in a matriculation school until 10th std but due some family issues my parents changed me to a government school from 11th std, which changed my entire life & that’s where I lost my virginity too. I joined in Boys higher secondary school located at Chennai Gopalapuram & it was my first day in the school, compared to private school everything was very different here, even the students there was looking strange to me. All were talking in a local language some were even teased me for dressing properly & the very first person who spoke to me good that day was Victor, who stole my virginity later.

I found Victor as a decent guy compared to others in the school & I started building up good friendship with him too. Days were going good between us, until that day. We both have taken biology group, so we have to visit biology lab every day. Our bio mam used ask me & Victor to fix all apparatus & things which are needed for the practical session before a day itself, so we use to stay after class hours & fix everything in lab & leave home. That as usual we stayed back to fix all things for next day practical session, Victor was cleaning all glass apparatus & I was arranging the chemicals, suddenly 1 coloured solution poured completely on my shirt & I was totally worried as my shirt was dirty with the chemical. By looking at this victor said don’t worry da the dirt will go off if we wash it immediately but I was telling him where can wash this, if we wash in our school restroom we’ll get caught. He said we have detergent powder & water available in lab itself to clean the apparatus, so he suggested washing my shirt in lab itself.
So I removed my shirt & gave it to him for cleaning. He cleaned it & asked me to wait for some time to dry my shirt, so I was waiting with my bare body. Suddenly he started staring at me like anything & I was wondering why he staring like this.

He came near to me & said you’ve a wonderful body, I just started laughing at him & said haven’t you seen good built body before, because I was have a little chubby & not a gym built one. Again he came so closer to me as if he is going to kiss me & said I’ve seen gym bodies but those were not sexy like yours da.
I was bit confused & pushed him away & said let me wear the wet shirt & leave home as it is getting delayed but he pushed me down & ran near to the lab door & closed it. I was scared of his strange behavior today & I was shouting at him victor why are you behaving like this today. He said Arjun I was admiring you all these days & was waiting for a chance like this to taste your body completely. I was totally feeling strange about what he is talking now. He told me Arjun just cooperate with me for some time here, then I’ll show u the heaven & by telling this he came very close to my face & gave me very hard lip to lip kiss on my mouth.

I was not able to control his actions & he was not even allowing me to shout even, he was literally biting my lips. By kissing me, he started squeezing my chest like anything & just was not able to bare that pain. Then I stopped controlling him & was trying to understand & what he is trying to do with me, then he came to my chest & started sucking my nipples very hardly, first I was finding it with lot of pain & later I felt a little pleasure in it, so I was just cooperating with his actions as it was new & pleasurable to me. Suddenly we heard someone knocking the lab’s door so very faster we became normal & I wore my shirt & opened the door. It was the school security and he was started shouting at us as it was 7 pm, so he asked us to leave the school premises as it is not allowed to stay in school after 6. So we got ready & started back to home but Victor was staring at me with a guilty look & I was very much disappointed with his behavior today.

Next day morning in the school Victor tried to speak to me but I ignored him, he was keep on following me that wherever I go & was apologizing for that incident. I was not liking his activities that day but there was a curiosity in me which was asking me why did he behaved like that, what he did was correct or not, what he was actually trying to do with me that day. I had all these confusions in me. So finally that evening I smiled at Victor he came near to me and was again asking sorry for his actions on that evening. I said to him its ok but I have many questions in me about the incident happened between me & him, so I asked him y he was doing like that to me. He said he was sexually attracted to me, so that he want have fun with me.

Guys trust me until that day I even don’t know how to even masturbate but when he was telling me that he was sexually attracted to me I was surprised & was thinking my myself is this is sex all about, how a man can have sex with a man?. All these questions I asked to Victor, he asked me did u liked what I did to u tat day, I said some what it was nice but it was paining too. So with a cunning smile he what we did tat day was just a starting of sex & if u like I’ll show u what is complete sex all about.

I was little confused with his statement, so I said I’ll think about it and tell him. Later on everyday when we are alone in class/lab/restroom, he used to seduce me by his touches everywhere in my body, he used pinch my nipples, bite by chin, will hug me, kiss me, sometimes he touch my cock even. Whenever he do all these things I use feel an erection n my cock and some liquid use to ooze out from it, I was not aware was liquid was that but I feel very good at the time it get leaked.

One day I was telling victor about the liquid leak in my cock, he said in this age every boys used to get it, when we shake our cock & get that liquid out it’ll give us more pleasure. He again was requesting me to give me chance to teach me the complete sex, I said ok to him but I was worried that I don’t want to have that in school as it was not safe. So Victor said u can come to my home tonight as my parents have gone to their native and he is alone at home. Again I was worried for giving a reason to my parents to stay at his home, he said don’ worry I’ll inform them as we are going to do a project together at his home tonight. I was so happy and eager to know what is sex all about that night and that night only changed my life and sexual attraction.

We had food in a hotel and went to his home; he asked me to fresh up myself, so I took bath and was wearing his shorts and watching tv at his home. He started staring at me now, the same way he was staring at me in lab. He asked shall we start; I said I am little nervous, so he said I’ll show you something which will break your nervousness. He took me to his room & played a video, it was 2 young guys like me & victor was having fun together. I was so tempted by seeing that video, victor came close to me & removed his t-shirt, he had a good built & stiff body with no hair in it & he smelt so nice bcoz of his soap, which he just used to take bath.

He just started kissing me, removed my shirt, kissing on my lips very nicely, then he came down to his favourite part chest & he just started licking it like an ice cream, oh my god I was feeling like in heaven that time & I was moaning like anything, then he asked me to lift my hand, I did it, he started licking my armpits very hardly.

I was feeling goose bumps all over my body, so I was shivering, that moment I felt a feminine person inside me. I said victor enough I just cannot take this pleasure more, he said wait babe it just the beginning only, then he came near to my navel & he was licking around it also, my mouth was telling him to stop this action but my body needs that pleasure more & more. My upper body was completely wet with his saliva, then he targeted my lower part, removed my shorts, I was holding his head & said don’t go there, he was cunningly smiled & said today yr body is mine & removed my shorts. He took my cock in his hand; he was holding it for some time, so it got erected. He said you’ve nice small & clean cock, he was just licking around my cock & balls.

I was completely shivering out of pleasure. Then he put my cock in his mouth and was turning himself upside down to me, removed his shorts & inner ware. Oh my god I was just shocked by seeing his monster cock, such a big one. Before I could realize what is going to happen he just pushed his cock in my mouth. I did not like it, so I tried pushing him away but he was forcefully entered his cock in my mouth. He was just eating my cock like anything; I already was started oozing out that liquid in my cock but he was literally drinking it, I was not able to even breathe bcoz of his huge cock entry in my mouth. So to breathe I started moving my mouth up & down on his cock. Once I was doing it, his cock become larger than before. I felt a salty taste in my mouth after sometime, at the same time I felt like something was oozed out from my cock like urine. So I forcefully pushed him away & got up. He was looking at me & said today I made your cock to ooze out your Virgin liquid.

I was just scolding him for putting his cock in my mouth but he didn’t listen to me, In that mean time he came back to me was fondling my nipples again: I said Victor enough, I don’t want to experiment this anymore. He was cunningly laughing at me & said hey Arjun I helped you to take out your liquid out from yr cock, won’t help my cock in the same way. I said I don’t want to have is cock in my mouth anymore. He said without putting it in the mouth u can take the liquid out for me, I said if there an option like that, I agree. Then Victor asked me to lay upside down by showing my ass, I did the same. Suddenly he was just putting his face on my ass & started licking it like anything. I liked it too, and then he put some jelly kind of particle in my ass, was entering his fingers inside. I was feeling little pain bcoz of that.

I said victor don’t enter yr fingers inside it hurts me. He said ok babe I won’t enter my fingers inside your ass now but I am going to enter my cock now. I was shocked my hearing this I tried to turn back before to that he was holding me tight and was putting some cover on his cock (even I don’t know that was a condom that time). Within a fraction of second he pushed his cock in my ass; oh my god it was a very terrible pain for me, I was literally shouting but nobody heard me. I was crying out in pain but he was forcefully entering his cock deep in my ass, that moment I was thinking y I agreed to stay tonight with him here. I was crying a lot but he said shout yr mouth u slut just for few minutes then everything will be alright. Later he was pushing his cock into my ass for more than 20 mins.

I was totally tired my tears in my eyes got dried too. He was loudly moaning & was pushing his cock faster than before in ‘& out. I was requesting him like “Victor please leave me, I cannot bare this pain anymore” Then his movement was stopped and he was still lying on me. He came near to my ears & said u r mine henceforth and I am u r master. Later after 5 mins he took his cock out I was shocked to see the cover around his cock was with blood stains & my ass was burning like anything. Then by looking at me he said see my slut it your blood on the condom and I broke your virginity now.
I was literally crying for this situation, he asked me to go & clean myself first. Later I came back & he was sitting on his bed, smiling at me. He was only with his boxers that time. I gone near to him & started hitting him but catch hold of me and pushed me down, I was not able to fight against him as I was so tired and was having so much of pain too. He said hey Arjun here after whenever I need you should have sex with me or else I’ll spread the incident happened between u & me this night to everyone in school. I was so scared and said to him please don’t tell anyone about this, I’ll do whatever u want but don’t share this to any.
He was cruelly smiling and removed his boxers & said come my dear slut, suck me. I never thought there will be devil like this inside his mind all these days.
I had no other option so I sucked his cock until he cums, he forcefully made me to drink his cum too. Later on daily basis he’ll ask me to suck his cock wherever we are alone like school rest room, lab etc. Sometimes he fucks me too as per the place availability. Until I complete 12th std he was using me as his slave and I also got addicted to this habit later. Once we completed 12th he started ignoring me as he got a girlfriend but I was not able to come out of this habit. So I started to go for gay hunt in gay sexual sites. This is how I was seduced by my class mate & he is happily married a girl & got settled down but I am still into the same gay world. So friend my kind request to you all is have sex with gays but don’t seduce any straight guys for your sexual desires, it’ll spoil their life like mine.
If u like my story leave your comments here and based on your response I shall write more of my Gay stories here.


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